Who we serve

Conway Investment LLC serves investment professionals, trust companies and organisations. We offer a wide range of services including insights, consultancy, strategy and scrutinization. We offer each client a unique tailored approach helping them to maximise opportunity though expert insight.

Investment Professionals & Trusts

Conway Investment LLC offers a range of in-depth research and consulting services for investment professionals and financial intermediaries. All our bespoke research and insight is available online at your fingertips available 24/7, ready when you need it most.

Our services include:

Investment manager due scrutiny and documentation

Approved active and passive funds for all asset classes

SRI/ESG/Impact investment options

Model portfolios

Customized asset allocation analysis

Capital markets research

Investment committee participation



Conway Investment LLC works closely with institutional investors and organisations to build implement and manage multi-manager portfolios for endowments, foundations and health care organisations. We approach each institution as an opportunity to build a portfolio customized to their unique circumstances.

Our services include:

Investment policy statement

Asset allocation

Traditional & alternative manager research

SRI/ESG impact investment options

Performance reporting

Investment committee participation


International Investment deal broker

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